Water sports are very popular in Summer

 NEWS     |      2019-12-12 15:16
Summer is coming, the weather is getting hot, and all kinds of water sports are very popular. Just in the summer, many students in the holiday also like to go into the water to play. 
Eder  Electronic Technology is here to remind you: 
1. People who can't swim, don't play alone by the water. 
2. People who can swim, should not think that you can blindly go swimming in the river because you are good at water . 
3. Do not go swimming alone. Minors must swim under the leadership of their parents or people who are familiar with the water. 
4. Now there are warning signs by the water, but it is wrong to feel that you can go into the water just because there are no warning signs. 
5. Be aware of your health and be ready to warm up before going into the water. 
6. Self-aware of your swimming ability, do not be reckless when swimming, and do not fight each other or tease each other, so as not to drown. 
7.Do not jump into the water to swim immediately after participating in strenuous exercise, otherwise it is easy to cause cramps, colds and so on. 
8. If you suddenly feel sick in swimming, such as vertigo, nausea, panic, shortness of breath, etc., go ashore immediately. 
  A good life begins with safety. In order to ensure the health and safety of swimmers, our company has specially developed a new generation of intelligent inflatable swimsuits, which adds emergency rescue function in addition to the inherent beauty and comfort of traditional swimsuits. The rescue system consists of three parts: intelligent energy control system, compressed gas cylinder and airbag. 
  The intelligent control system adopts the immersion conduction trigger system timing, when the immersion duration is greater than or equal to the alarm time set before entering the water, it is regarded as drowning and triggers the inflating device. 
  Swimsuit gas cylinder, containing compressed gas, sufficient gas volume bottle body fastening, can be reused, easy to replace the operation.
Swimsuit airbag, receive intelligent system signal 0.5 second activation, three seconds to complete inflation and floating. 
  The pursuit of technical content and simple operation, the safety of children I protect, happy summer you rest assured